Annual Historic Selma Pilgrimage Preps Underway

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

One of the biggest historic districts in the southeast will be on public display next month in Selma.

The 43rd Annual Historic Selma Pilgrimage offers the public guided tours of selected homes and buildings in the city.

Organizers say this year’s event features seven historic homes and three museums.

They say hundreds of people come to the event each year to experience another aspect of the city’s rich history.

“The architecture from the late 1800’s, early 1900’s I think that is a big reason people come to our pilgrimage every year,” said Annabelle Bone.

“Its great to come and see unique homes that were built a hundred and something years ago, unique architecture, and the people that live in them are just as colorful as the homes are,” said Greg Bjelke.

“Its just really exciting.”

The Historic Selma Pilgrimage is held each year on the 3rd weekend in March.

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