Non-Violence Training Underway this Week in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Selma Center for Non-Violence, Truth and Reconciliation is conducting a non-violence training session this week.

Trainees are learning the six principles and the six steps of non-violence used by Dr. King.

Officials say the 5-day session includes more than 45 hours of training.

They say the training helps prepare people to be able to resolve conflicts and reconcile relationships in their communities.

“So often people think that the principles of non-violence or the steps of non-violence are about direct action, about protesting but its so much more than that,” said Executive Director Ainka Jackson.

“Its a process. Its a strategy. He distilled down a whole bunch of philosophical systems to the terms that we can use as tools,” said non-violence trainer Chris Freeman.

The Selma Center holds two non-violence training sessions each year.

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