Pike County Residents React to Lockheed Martin’s Plans to Vacate Portion of County Road 7717

In the future, Lockheed Martin hopes to expand in Pike County. But it has some residents in the area concerned.

The company’s Pike County Operations has submitted a petition for the county to vacate a portion of Pike County Road 7717.

“I felt that way when they came here that they would definitely expand. It would help the people in the county,” says Pike County resident, Alfred Alloway.

While some are in favor of Lockheed’s plans, they say they still understand the concerns of others that live in the area.

“They seem to think that maybe it will jeopardize them from getting to their land. They have some people that work in their land, raising hay and different things,” says Alloway.

Officials will Lockheed say it will allow for expansion opportuniites which could in turn create more jobs.

“It would be good for the community to expand and I think they will and I think it would be more jobs in this area and things like that,” says Pike County resident Ernest Greene.

We tried to reach out to the Pike County Commission – who plan to vote on whether or not to give the road up to Lockheed Martin. As of right now, they don’t have a comment. Meanwhile, some residents think it would be a plus.

“It would bring in finance to kind of help the city and county, I think that is a good thing,” says Greene.

The Pike County Commission plans to vote on whether or not to give the road up to Lockheed Martin on March 26th.

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