3rd Annual River Region Healthy Living Expo

Free flu shots, blood pressure checks and more were offered at Alabama News Network’s  3rd annual River Region Healthy Living Expo at Frazer United Methodist Church .

Dozens of health professionals were there and they were ready to answer health and wellness questions and concerns and provide solutions.

Local pharmacies, doctors, and hospitals set up shop with the same goal: encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, and suggesting the right steps to prevent serious health issues.

“It’s hard to see people later on down the road and and they say..I wish I would have..” said heather Logan with Jackson hospital as she helped give free blood pressure checks.

Jackson Hospital also offered free flu shots.”Flu season is technically October through March” said Mia Mothershed with the hospital “so if you got your flu shot in August or early September its kind of time to go ahead and re-up on the flu shot because its not as effective now”.

Experts say it’s hard to predict just how long the flu will continue to spread, but it’s usually around until April or May. Mothershed said “alot of people don’t know you can catch the flu in the summer time”.

The expo was free to the public though canned goods were collected at the door. They are now headed to the Montgomery Area Food Bank.

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