Jubilee Ends Without a Slow Ride to Montgomery

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

There was a bit of confusion Monday morning in Selma surrounding the event that usually wraps up the annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee.

For the first time in years the traditional Slow Ride to the Capital — wasn’t scheduled.

During the Slow Ride foot soldiers of the movement share their stories with students during a bus ride from Selma to Montgomery.

State Senator Hank Sanders sponsors the event each year.

“Its a massive undertaking. Getting school buses of children from places and then other people joining in. But Ola Marrow who has assisted me with this for every year we have had it, she wasn’t available to help me this year so, I didn’t do it and I’m sorry,” said Sanders.

“Perhaps I should have tried a little harder.”

Sanders says he’s working to bring the Slow Ride to Montgomery back — at the next Bridge Crossing Jubilee.

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