Montgomery Zoo Welcomes ‘Stingray Bay’

It’s a 6700-gallon salt water tank.
Right now, there are two friendly stingrays welcoming guests.

“Total, we are going to have about 20 stingrays, right now we just started with two and what we are doing is just trying to get the stingrays acclimated to the environment. And we will start slowly adding them so they will get used to it and its not stressful on them,” said Zoo Program Services Manager Steven Pierce.

The sting rays will provide both education and wildlife interaction.
And their barbs are removed for guests safety.

“Almost like maintenance with your car, you just basically take care of the animals and make sure the barbs are removed because they can grow back. But that is something our vet staff will take care of,” said Pierce.

Stingray Bay has been in the works for about 7 years.
Mayor Todd Strange says it’s a welcome addition to the Capital City.

“This is just another step we have in the quality of life in Montgomery. Doug Goode, who is retiring as the head of the zoo, he had this vision a number of years ago and I’m delighted that he is with us tonight to see this vision come to reality,” said Strange.

And so far, it looks like the stingrays are a big hit.

“Very slimy but really fun to play with,” said Elizabeth Lyons.
Bella Mills agrees.  “One of them was super bumpy on the back and it was just really weird. And I love feeding them because they would just eat straight out of your hand.”

The Stingray Bay opens at the zoo Tuesday, March 6.


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