The Fight for Autism Continues

Last year, state lawmakers passed a bill mandating insurance coverage for autism therapy but the fight continues as some are still not pleased with Alabama’s 18-year-old age cap for autism therapy.

“The bulk of the coverage is for the younger children and that’s where the bulk of the expense comes in so the idea that you’re saving money by carving out a very small population of the autism community just doesn’t make any sense,” says parent Catey Hall.

Parents with young children, say it is something that needs to be continually addressed to lawmakers for the sake of their children’s future.

“I think about Anthony when he is transitioning from high school to college or from high school to be independent as he can be in his living situation and any big changes like that – any transitions, he definitely needs support,” says parent Sicili Cantevespre.

Senator Cam Ward, a long-time advocate of changing autism in Alabama says while there have been victories, there is still a lot more work to be done.

“We need more speech and occupational therapists. we need more ABA therapists. there are so many more services that we can provide to those on the spectrum. Alabama is woefully short on providing services with developmental disabilities,” says Ward.

Parents say, it is something that needs to be improved for everyone facing autism.

“Anytime we have legislation that’s going to forward the interest of our community we’re going to be down here advocating for that,” says Hall.

Alabama was the 46th state to pass an autism insurance bill.

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