Heated Council Meeting After Vote to Reinstate Controversial Judge

It was a heated council meeting Tuesday night as the Montgomery City Council voted to reinstate a controversial judge.

“The time is up for all of y’all, and the time is up for this white supremacist!” yelled Karen Jones from the podium.

Montgomery Municipal Judge Lester Hayes was suspended without pay for 11 months last year for jailing defendants who could not pay fines. He plead guilty to seven counts of corruption. But the council voted seven to one to reinstate him. It did not sit well with people there to protest.

“We can’t even get South Court Street paved and it’s like a rocking roller coaster over there. They are taking all this money they would rather pour the money into Cramton Bowl. They would rather take this money and stick it in their pockets. But there should be no way this man should keep his job but not only after the crime he admitted to, but the peoples lives he is affecting,” said Willie Knight.

Others said they are calling on everyone they know to boycott the city of Montgomery.

Council President Charles Jinright says Judge Hayes got a lot of the blame for doing his job.

“What do you do with a person who doesn’t pay their fines for 6 or 7 years? How do you deal with it because it’s not fair to the general population for someone to walk away from a fine when I have to pay mine or someone else has to pay theirs,” said council president Charles Jinright.

Councilman Tracy Larkin voted against the reinstatement. And councilman Fred Bell abstained.

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