Interim Superintendent Ed Richardson Speaking Out After Recent Lawsuits

Ed Richardson

Interim state superintendent Ed Richardson is speaking out after a pending lawsuit against him is calling the approved sale of a Georgia Washington Middle school illegal.

The suit filed by the AEA last month, claims it is illegal for anyone other than the Montgomery County School board to sell property in the school system. The case is in its early stages, but Richardson says he is already looking into other options should the sale of the school fall through.

“We are now working on what we call plan B which is where else could we go to get the 9 million that we need” Richardson announced at a State School Board meeting.

Selling the school to the Town of Pike Road for 9.75 million dollars, was one of the financial fixes listed in Richardson’s intervention plan. He says his “plan b” will likely include getting rid of personnel, an option he had hoped to avoid.

The suit also poses a concern for an upcoming review by an accreditation team because Richardson says a financial plan for the system will not be finalized by their visit March 19-21st.

A judge has scheduled mediation in the suit, but Richardson believes it is “unlikely” that the two parties will be able to come to some sort of an agreement.

Richardson has also been named in another law suit with the AEA regarding his role in the start-up charter school, Lead Academy. When asked about that suit he says that there is some “confusion” in his involvement with the charter and does not believe the claims will hold up in court.

The suit challenging the sale of Georgia Washington will be in mediation on Monday, February 12th.

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