Marijuana Legislation

Senator says more support than you might think

Republican State Senator Dick Brewbaker is not running for re-election. Neither is Democratic Representative Pat Todd. And both are sponsoring legislation in this session that would reduce penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Brewbaker says people would be surprised at the amount of support for the bill…at least in the Senate.

“There is a lot of sentiment to reform Alabama law on marijuana, especially small amounts. When I had it in the Senate committee we voted it out, now I believe that I could pass it on the Senate floor, I don’t know about the House, the Judiciary Committee is a hard no right now ”



Brewbaker’s comments came during an Alabama News Network “Face 2 Face” interview that will air tomorrow (Monday 3-12-18) at 5:00 on CBS 8 and at 5:30 on ABC Montgomery.






Senator Brewbaker’s bill.

Representative Todd’s bill.





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