Students from Across the State Compete in Alabama High School Rodeo

High school students from across the state were in Montgomery showing off their skills for the Alabama High School Rodeo.

“It takes dedication and it is very, very hard and it’s very time consuming but I guess what makes it so interesting is you don’t get an adrenaline rush like you do anything else, like you do with this sport,” says Haley Polk.

Students compete in several competitions for the 2 day rodeo.

“I like the team roping, steer wrestling, and calf roping,” says William Embry.

“It actually takes a lot of talent to be able to come out here and do this it’s. It’s very very hard,” says Polk.

Despite the pressure, students say it is worth it as they compete for scholarships, cash and saddles.

“I myself have won seven saddles in my time and there’s no other feeling than what we do. It’s just a one of kind thing,” says Heather Varner.

Why exactly do they do it?

“This was something that most of us were born into. Our parents did it and stuff and it’s just something that is in our blood and we are passionate about it,” says Varner.

It is something that they say, they also have to find balance with.

“It’s really hard because you have to do school and rodeo too so you have to keep up your grades in order to rodeo,” says Embry.

But they say, they would not trade it for anything.

“It’s fun. We enjoy it. We enjoy pushing each other to be our best,” says Embry

The top winners in the rodeo can go on to the nationals in Rock Springs, Wyoming in July.

The 61st annual southeastern livestock exposition rodeo continues this week in Montgomery. You can find a complete list of events at www.

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