People Pack Churches on Easter Sunday

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

People packed churches everywhere just as you might expect on Easter Sunday.

Many Easter services featured special programs and speeches to mark their celebrations.

The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ was the focus of the day.

“When Jesus died a Roman soldier looked up and when he saw everything that was happening he said ‘Surely this was the Son of God.’ So, when he died salvation was for everyone,” said West Trinity Baptist Church Pastor Rev. Gregory Reese.

Bob Armstrong is part of the leadership team at the Blue Jean Church.

“Easter Sunday is when Jesus rose from the dead, said Armstrong.

“He’s alive and He’s alive today in us and around us and he brings life wherever He is.”

The date for Easter changes from year to year.

Last year it was April 16th and next year it’ll be April 21st.

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