City of Montgomery Files Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers

The City of Montgomery is now joining Montgomery County and several other municipalities filing lawsuits against opioid manufacturers and distributors.
Beasley Allen Law Firm is representing both the City of Montgomery and the county.

The lawsuit alleges the marketing of the drugs contributed to the opioid epidemic, which has caused a financial burden to the city.  Attorney Jere Beasley couldn’t give specific numbers but says it has had a major impact.   Beasley says that Montgomery ranks in the top 15 cities in the nation with the highest rates of opioid abuse.  Nationally, he says the crisis has cost taxpayers 500 billion dollars.  We asked him about the negative impacts on Montgomery.

“It crowds the emergency rooms, you have rehabilitation costs, you have loss of time and work, in fact people don’t realize how many people lose time from work because of this problem, you’ve got the rehab situation, you’ve got the law enforcement costs…it really has gotten totally our of control,” explained attorney Jere Beasley.

The Beasley Allen Law firm has filed around 300 lawsuits against opioid manufacturers.   Companies named in the suit include Purdue Pharma and Johnson and Johnson.

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