MPS Board Members React to Interim Superintendent’s Plans

Delay after delay has caused for more drastic measures for Montgomery public schools. Interim superintendent Ed Richardson’s plans do not sit well with some board members.

“In my opinion at this point we would be better off without state intervention. I am very upset and disappointed. I thought by now we would be seeing some improvement but I’m seeing nothing,” says board member Melissa Snowden.

Instead, board member Melissa Snowden says she is seeing more m-p-s staff that are ready to leave. Board President Robert Porterfield says Richardson’s plans is not good for the future of the school system.

“Rather than trying to find some solutions to the problems that we’re having, they are more interested in in pointing fingers and finding fault as it relates to why we aren’t where we need to be,” says Porterfield.

“Our board, just like Ed Richardson and now our mayor has said, has been the main problem and they’ve always been the main problem,” says board member Lesa Keith.

Keith says Wednesday’s press conference should be a warning.

“This is a travesty and hopefully the people of Montgomery will remember this June 5th when they vote, hopefully for new board members,” says Keith.

“The mayor-I have to give him credit today when he said go find your candidate, go find out why they’re running and what their stance is and I just want to encourage the public to do that,” says Snowden.

Richardson says some of the best teachers have already left MPS. He fears there could be more.


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