Montgomery’s Public Safety Department Is Hiring

If you’re looking to protect and serve, Montgomery’s Department of Public Safety may have a place for you. The department held a job fair Wednesday with openings from first responders to corrections officers.

With 448 sworn officers, Montgomery Police Department is looking to beef up their staff quickly. Officials say with the possible help of federal grants  they’d like to have as many as 540 officers.

MPD is constantly recruiting throughout the year,  but it’s keeping officers once they are hired on that remains the biggest challenge.

“This is a nationwide issue, retention within law enforcement has always been an issue due to the stress level and the types of jobs that we do” explained Capt. Regina Duckett.

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange says there are some proposed incentives to help keep officers on board such as a better retirement plan, signing bonuses, and a cash referral program. These changes however, will not be possible until the next fiscal year if approved as part of the city’s budget.

If you missed the job fair, you can still browse/apply for open positions here.




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