French and Indian War Encampment Takes Visitors at Fort Toulouse Back in Time

An annual event remembering the French and Indian War took place at Fort Toulouse in Wetumpka Saturday. Visitors could see a replica encampment showing what life was like during the war in 1756.

The event included mock battles and displays of life in a Creek Indian village. It’s a snapshot of what life was like during the French and Indian War.

“The end result of this war were great Britain defeated France as turn over of great deal of French territory to what is great Britain and then ultimately about 20 years later the United States,” says Ove Jensen.

People portraying the Creek village say visitors have been interested in learning more about the period and how people lived.

“The production of meals from acorns, they’ve been interested in the making of leather, making moccasins and cooking over the fire,” says Deborah Jenkins.

They say it was a time where two cultures started blending.

Natives are starting to wear European clothing. They’re using European articles, like pots, clothing, wool,” says Jenkins.

Re-enactors say the encampment is a great learning experience.

“We learn from each other. We pretty much look at what’s available in the libraries. The university of Mississippi has been a great help…The records from the times, manuscripts-we look at that,” says Francois J. Naussac.

As you’ll see we have people in red uniforms-the British. We have people in white uniforms-the French. We have Native Americans-Creek Indians,” says Jensen.

It’s a color of history that they say is unforgettable.

The encampment continues Sunday-weather permitting at 8 am until 3 pm.

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