Constitutional Amendments will be the November Ballot

They're numbered 1 through 4, but The 1901 Constitution has been amended more than 900 times.

Secretary of State John Merrill signed four proposed amendments to Alabama’s 1901 Constitution. But voters will have the final say.

It has already been amended more than 900 times and is the longest state constitution in the United States.

Proposed amendment #1 Allows posting of the 10 Commandments in public buildings, including schools.

Proposed amendment #2 Designates Alabama a “Pro-Life” state.

Proposed amendment #3 Allows changes to the University of Alabama Board of Trustees,

Proposed amendment #4 Allowed certain valencies to be filled by appointment rather than special elections.


The wording for each of the proposed amendments  is online HERE. The page includes amendment from 2016 and 2017, so look at the 2018 list and those that are labeled as “statewide”.

An election commission will review the wording in the amendments to make sure they can be easily understood by voters. And it will be voters that made the final decision on November 6th.



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