National Memorial for Peace and Justice Grand Opening

It was a star studded evening, at the official grand opening of the Memorial For Peace and Justice and the Legacy Museum.

The ceremony featured a line up community leaders, politicians and actors. John Lewis was one of the featured speakers with performances from gospel singer Bebe Winnans and even Patti Labelle.  There were several moments of reflection while also celebrating the nation’s first memorial dedicated to victims of lynching.
“It’s only fitting that these stories be told on the former site of slave warehouse”
said former President Barack Obama, sending his greetings from a video message.
“It’s just remembering what happened so we know about it, so it doesn’t happen again”
said attendee Nettie Atkisson.
“I felt powerful, I felt empowered, I felt honored and I felt I had a lot to live up to” said Shundreya Robinson as she left the ceremony.
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