Local Organizations Prepping to “Beat the Heat”

For some, rising temperatures outside means finding the right balance between fun in the sun and spending more time inside.

Olivia Venable with the Millbrook Senior Center is already making summer activity plans with the increased risks of overheating for seniors in mind.

“A person that’s 60 or older with the risk factors of age and medications” she explained “10 minutes 15 max, would be a good indicator that you’ve been outside long enough”.

Its a different story though at the Grandview YMCA. Director, Bill Myers says his campers won’t be limiting their time outdoors.

One of the biggest parts of the staff’s upcoming training focuses on keeping campers safe in the sweltering heat. Myers says it starts with hydration. “The first sign of dehydration is a headache he explained “any child that comes up with a headache, we’re going to make sure that they are drinking a lot of water but if they [parents] start hydration at home that really helps us when they get here”.

Myers says the staff will be placing water stations all throughout the 190 acre property, they’ll also make sure campers re-apply sunscreen several times throughout the day.

The sun safety precautions extends to more than just children and seniors. If you’ve got a furry friend, the Montgomery Humane Society has a few tips for you too.

Lea Turbert, advises walking your pet early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the ground is cooler.

“If you have a dog that has to stay outside, make sure that they have ample water, very fresh clean water every day but the best thing to do is keep your dogs inside” she said, also warning pet owners that “you can get fined, you can be taken to court and everything if your dog dies because of a heat stroke”.

Check out these sun-safety tips from the CDC, including, shade, clothing,sunglasses and sunscreen.

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