8 Alabama Cities on list of Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.

Selma and Alexander City make the list.
The home security company Safewise says they’ve crunched the most recent FBI crime numbers and come up with the 50 Most Dangerous Cities in America. It lists Anniston Alabama as the most dangerous city in America.
Close to Montgomery: Alexander City and Selma are on the list too.
#1 Anniston

#5 Bessemer

#15 Alexander City

#22 Selma

#30 Prichard

#38 Lanette

#43 Scotsboro

#49 Boaz
The company says poverty is a contributing factor in all of the communities:

“Of the fifty most crime-ridden cities on our list, all but fifteen were located east of New Mexico and south of the Mason-Dixon line. Other notable hot spots were Michigan, with six of the fifty most dangerous cities, and New Mexico, with three cities that made our list.

Opioid addiction and loose gun laws no doubt contribute to the violence in the region. However, lay the map of poverty in the US over that of crime and the two are almost a perfect match.”


Read the report from the SafeWise home security company HERE.

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