Prattville City Fest Wraps Up

It is that time of the year, where Main Street in downtown Prattville was lined up with people selling things, and there seemed to be something for everyone.

“We came out so we can enjoy the festivities here and have the excitement of having family around and friends around and just enjoy the environment,” says Lakesha Trimble.

Some enjoy the festival each year as a way to start summer together.

“She was painting a mother’s day picture for me so that was the main reason and we just like looking at all the vendors stuff and buying stuff,” says Ashley Mitchell.

“I enjoyed meeting my friends and buying stuff,” says Jada Trimble.

There was plenty to buy at the festival.

“They obviously love the balloons and getting to see all of the different characters and the different arts and crafts that are here.” says Brenda Tuck.

Among everything for sale were homemade products made by creative area residents.

“The kids wanted to come out to check out what’s going on and see what it’s all about,” says  Tuck.

“All of the crafts, we like to see all the handmade stuff and it’s just a good atmosphere,” says Mitchell.

The festival helps the Prattville economy and provides a fun event for visitors.

“It’s really about letting people see what Prattville has to offer and all the great community benefits that are here. It’s a great quality of life and a great place for families,” says Tuck.

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