Golden Apple: Teacher of the Year

It’s the end of the school year and time to announce our Golden Apple Educator of the Year, and you the viewers have selected Cicely Curtis from the School of Discover in Selma.

We first met Mrs. Curtis back in April, after one of her student submitted a heartfelt nomination on why, as the principal of the School of Discovery she is making a lasting impact on his life. We then found out what she wants all her students to know before leaving her at the end of the school year.

“Knowledge is power, set high dream, have high hopes, we are a tough campus, we have high expectations for our boys and girls, and we expect them to rise to the occasion, to rise to the standards. We don’t lower our expectations, but we expect them to rise, so i want them moving forward and to remember what we taught them, to soar, we are eagles so we soar and i want them to continue to soar in their future, don’t stop. Always remember your education it the key to success. Do your best and know that knowledge is power. No one can take it from you,” says Curtis.

Of course we say congratulations to Mrs. Curtis! The other two finalist for the Golden Apple Educator of the Year included Shanda Brown from ABC Elementary in Wilcox County and Bettina Williford from Tuskegee Public School. Watch for Golden Apples to return to a school near you, next school year.

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