Bright Issues Statement on Trump’s Endorsement of Roby’s Re-Election

Republican Second District Congressional candidate Bobby Bright has issued a statement on today’s endorsement by President Trump of Republican Congresswoman Martha Roby. Despite Roby saying in 2016 that she would not be voting for Trump because of her disappointment with his personal conduct, the President says he supports her re-election.

Bright and Roby’s other Republican challengers had made an issue out of whether she was loyal to Trump.

This is part of the statement from Bright:

“I know the people of the Second District. They are conservative, independent, and patriotic. On June 5th, 61% of the voters rejected Martha Roby: Some because she is beholden to the Establishment in D.C., some because she isn’t visible in the District, and some because she gave up critical seats on the House Armed Services and House Agriculture Committees. Many others rejected her because she denounced President Trump just before his election in 2016.

I understand politics and how Washington works. It appears the D.C. powerbrokers have gotten to the President on this issue. It’s truly a swamp of insiders controlled by big money special interests, the same crowd who’s bankrolling Martha Roby’s campaign to the tune of over $1 million just this year. It’s a place where loyalty doesn’t exist. When you take that much money from D.C., New York and California, you lose sight of Alabama.

I support President Trump and his “America First” agenda. I always will. He can count on me to be his partner to build the Wall, promote peace through strength, and work for prosperity for all.”

Roby and Bright will be in a runoff on July 17. In the June 5 Republican primary, she finished with 39% of the vote to Bright’s 28%.

Roby is seeking her fifth term. In 2010, she defeated Bright, who was then a Democrat, to take the seat. She and Bright once worked together back when he was Montgomery Mayor and she was on Montgomery City Council.

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