Coosa River Safety Concerns

There’s a new call for safety on the Coosa River.  This comes after a 15-year-old drowned last week while swimming with friends in downtown Wetumpka.

At Coosa River Adventures Monday, two groups are gearing up for a day kayaking on the Coosa River.  Owner Chris Carter is giving his routine safety talk but today he speaks of a young life lost too soon.  15-year-old Rantavious Love was swept away while in the Coosa River last Wednesday.  His body was found downstream two days later.

“The river and any body of water deserves its respect,” explained Carter.

He speaks from years of experience on the river and tells me people often underestimate its power, and don’t understand the ever-changing water conditions because of Jordan Dam.  He says many incidents can be prevented by using life jackets.

“If you look at statistics, almost every single one of the accidents that ever occur is a lack of a life jacket,” Carter shared.

Wetumpka Resident Olivia Edwards wishes children wouldn’t get in the water, period, but if they do, she says life jackets should be readily available.

“I would like to see life jackets and signs where a certain age shouldn’t be out here,” she said.

Alabama News Network reached out to the Mayor’s office to see if they are considering signage near the river.  They were not available for comment at the time.

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