Hundreds of Women Motorcycle Enthusiasts Converge on Montgomery

Hundreds of women riding motorcycles have converged on the Capital City.

They’re called Motor Maids.

They have come from all over North America for an annual convention.
Motor Maids, Inc. has been around for 77 years with conventions held each year in a different city. The organization has more than 1300 members.
We met women from as far away as Canada.

“My longest ride was Trans-Canada Iron Butt Challenge from Halifax to Vancouver in 90 hours. And I did it in 85 and a half. So that was my longest ride at once. That was about 4 thousand miles,” said Laurie Esseltine from Ontario.

Along with Tuesday’s parade, the Motor Maids will have a timed road race, a banquet and tours of the city.

“Have a lot of sisters, it’s a big family. And this is the time we get to see them all again. But we see them on the road. The journey is the most important part,” said Roxanne Fike from Indiana.

The Motor Maids will be in Montgomery until Friday.

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