Runoff Races Heat Up

We are less than a week away from runoff elections. The races are heating up with negative campaign ads surfacing just days before the runoff.
Our political analyst Steve Flowers says that is typical and, like them or not, the negative campaigning actually works.
Flowers weighed in on a few of the runoffs on the ballot.

“With Lt Governor, you have both candidates spending a lot of money with Twinkle Cavanaugh and Will Ainsworth in a runoff.  I expect that to be close. I expect the Attorney General’s race to be close. But I think Troy King may have a clearer shot to victory in that race than the Lt. Governor race,” said Flowers.

Flowers says Martha Roby is the favorite for the District 2 Congressional seat over Bobby Bright.
She has the support of President Trump along with the Washington establishment.

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