Secretary of State on Runoff Election Preparations

We are now less than a week away from the runoff elections, and Secretary of State John Merrill is predicting voter turnout will be between 17-18%, which is higher than in past years.

Some of the statewide offices moving to runoffs include Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor.  There are also many local runoffs including races for congress, state senate and house and the local school board.  As in most election cycles we are seeing many negative campaign ads.  Merrill says the negative ads drive some people away from the polls, while persuading others to cast their vote.

“Other people look at it and say obviously this person needs to be there more than that person and this has convinced me that I need to vote for my candidate or against that candidate. But the philosophy is that negative campaigning works which is why people continue to use it,” he explained.

The runoff election is July 17th.

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