Two Abandoned Dogs Need Urgent Care, Taken to Troy Animal Clinic

Two starving dogs were found abandoned in a field in Lowndes County and taken to Pike County’s Troy Animal Clinic last Thursday, where veterinarians have since done their best to get them healthy.
Robert Hawkins is a vet and owner of Troy Animal Clinic. He says when the dogs were first brought in, they needed urgent care.
“They kinda remind me of the starving children that you see, and I thought maybe if they would start eating, that they would be fine,” Hawkins said. “They were extremely emaciated. I feel they were probably pinned up or something because most dogs you see running around aren’t that skinny.”
The staff named the dogs Coco and Chanel. Each weighed around fourteen pounds when first brought in. Over the weekend, Coco and Chanel gained a couple of pounds each. Their conditions have slightly improved, but Hawkins says there is still a ways to go before both will be completely healed. Chanel, the weaker of the two, needed hot towels to keep his body temperature up. He first started eating Monday for the first time since being brought in. Hawkins had to do extensive medical care to keep the dog alive.
“His body is kinda shutting down, which you hear with a lot of children that have been emaciated for a long period of time,” Hawkins said. ”We’ve had to do a couple of blood transfusions to help him make more blood.”
Troy Animal Clinic is asking for help. If you would like to donate, call 334-508-2367 and to adopt, you can put in an application with Troy Animal Rescue Project at

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