Historic Photographs Donated to Tuskegee University

P.H. Polk Collection includes thousands of negatives, many never seen before.

The University reports:


“Polk’s work was well known throughout the world; however, little was known about his relevancy and legacy to our campus,” he noted. “Polk studied how to use light and developed photographic techniques that others had never seen before.”
Recently, Polk’s family donated to Tuskegee the photographer’s personal collection, including the total copyright for more than 3,800 of his images.”
See the full news release HERE.
One striking photo shows the bill of sale for George Washington Carver’s Mother when she was sold as a girl of about 13.
An exhibit of Polk’s groundbreaking photographic work is on display:
“The collection currently is open to visitors without and appointment outside of the ballroom of the university’s Kellogg Conference Center. To learn more about P.H. Polk and his works, visit http://archive.tuskegee.edu/archive.”
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