Deputies Better Equipped To Respond To Cardiac Arrest Emergencies

For a person experiencing sudden cardiac arrest, every second counts. Experts say the chances for survival decrease 10% with every minute you wait to get medical attention.

That’s why the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office is increasing the number of defibrillators or AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) in several county offices and even taking the life savers on the go. “We just recently put the ones in the car just in the last 2 weeks” explained Captain Wesley Richerson.

Sheriff’s deputies are often the first to arrive to medical emergencies, many of them rural areas.”A sheriff’s deputy is actually on scene in some cases 10 or 15 minutes before medical care is there” he said.

Sheriff’s deputies have been trained to use the all new AED’s but you don’t have to be an expert to spring into action. They’re designed to be simply operational for anyone, you push a start button and the device gives a step by step instruction” said Richerson “it’s almost full proof”.

You can now find the defibrillators in a handful of Montgomery County buildings including all entrances of the the courthouse and each floor of the county jail. According to Montgomery County Sheriff Derick Sheriff Derrick Cunningham says they’re looking to add even more.

“Any of our county complexes I would like to see an AED on hand” he said “so we’re looking that direction right now”.

The goal is to have new AEDs in all deputy cars but right now they are only in supervisor vehicles, but Richerson says there is at least one AED out with a patrolling deputy 24-7.

So far the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office has purchased 21 brand new AEDs.



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