Booker T. Washington School’s History & Legacy

Booker T. Washington School has been a fixture in the Montgomery community for years, dating back to 1865.  As current students remember the school they called home, others are looking even further back at the school’s history and legacy.

Historian Dr. Richard Bailey attended Booker T. Washington.  He, like many, is still coping with the devastating fire that destroyed the school.

“I have so many memories there, I know so many people who had strong memories of it,” explained Bailey.

To Bailey, BTW was more than just a school, he says it was a symbol of success for Montgomery’s African American community.

“It’s something that people in the community look to for inspiration,” he added.

As for the school’s legacy Bailey believes the school spirit will live on, long past the clearing of the rubble left behind by the fire.

“The legacy is one of excellence, the legacy is one of students who go out and make a contribution to the community.”

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