Annual “World’s Largest Peanut Boil” Returns to Crenshaw County

Its time to get a little nutty. The 48th annual World’s Largest Peanut Boil began Wednesday in Crenshaw County, just in time for Labor Day Weekend.

Crenshaw County Shrine Club President Andy Compton says when the peanuts arrive, they’re fresh and ready to boil.

“When we get them, theyre already cleaned, washed and picked off the vine,” Compton said. “They come in a 40 pound bag.”

The kind of peanut used for the boil is produced in Florida specifically for the event. Once they arrive, the boilers are filled up, salt is added, and the wait begins. There are around 720 pounds of peanuts per boiler. With a total of 5 boilers, it produces over 3,000 lbs of boiled peanuts every four to five hours.

This year, the event is dedicated Dr. William Beal, who had an impact in the Shrine Club.
“He was one of the founding members of this club and 3-time past president,” Compton said. “He was a very fine man who is sorely missed.”

Compton says annually, he sees people from all areas show up to to purchase the salty treats and to enjoy the boil.

“This is a tradition,” Compton said. “A lot of people come through here going to the beach on Labor Day and they stop here every year, as they’ve been doing it for years. They came here with their parents and now they’re still coming.”

One resident we spoke with says she looks forward to eating fresh peanuts every year.
“Oh, I come every year, every year, I try not to miss a year, because I have to pick up some for different people,” Crenshaw County resident Garrett Lucas said. Lucas and her husband were planning to deliver several bags of the peanuts to friends and family on their way to Massachusetts Labor Day weekend.

The peanut boil will run through Labor Day, or until the peanuts run out. All proceeds from the boil will go towards the Shrine Club parent organization in Montgomery.

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