A WWII Era B-17 Bomber in the Sky Above Montgomery

Very few of the more than ten thousand B-17 bombers built for World War II are still flying today, and none of those took part in combat. One of them was at Dannelly Field in Montgomery this weekend for the Red Tails Over Montgomery Air Show. Members of the public were given the opportunity on Sunday morning to fly in the plane, for a price.

The cost to fly in the Madras Maiden was 450 dollars. It was built in 1944 and was used for research and development throughout its military service, including time spent in Germany.

Several of the passengers Sunday were first-time flyers. Brothers Joshua and Matthew Young say they had never experienced anything quite like their B-17 flight.

“When I got into the nose-gunner, and you could just look down and see all the cars, all the trains, the lakes, ponds, rivers, everything. It was just magnificent,” Joshua Young said.

“That plane was as smooth as could be. All the rumors about it being rough, it’s not true. I’m personally afraid of flying, and I would do it again,” Matthew Young said.

Other passengers who had previously flown explain the reasons they were willing to pay a price for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Number one, the experience. Number two, if you’re a history buff, this will be your biggest, biggest adventure, and it’s just in the bucket list to get to fly in one of these aircraft,” passenger Jeanette Lee said. “I know the history attached to the aircraft, as well, but I just wanted the experience and to go back in time a little bit to see how our forefathers did when flying the plane.”




Learn more about the B-17 that flew above Montgomery today HERE.

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