Envision Montgomery 2040 Town Hall Meeting

Moving the Capital City forward. Two organizations came together Tuesday night to find ways to improve Montgomery.

The Downtown Business Association and Emerge Montgomery partnered together to help the city get ideas for the long range plan for the project Envision Montgomery 2040.
Many people gave their ideas on what they would like to see.

“What I would like to see is… one, the craft beer industry boom in Montgomery as it has done in other cities in Alabama and across the country, and bringing the city together that has a wonderful and rich history,” said Andrew McNally, co-owner of Common Bond Brewers.

“I would like to see more activity and engagement for young people in the city for venues for opportunity to engage and be together,” said young professional Kayla Warner.  “To have a good meal, have a good drink and hang out and stuff like that. As well as education in our city. That is our life blood in the city. If we have a good education system, young people will want to stay here, raise families, and really makes sure our city grows.”

There will be a Envision Montgomery 2040 summit coming up on October 4th for the public to participate in as well.

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