MPS Passes Budget, Deficit Remains

The Montgomery County Board of Education approved a budget for fiscal year 2019.
But there’s still a nine million dollar deficit.

Superintendent Ann Roy Moore says they are doing what they can to tighten up spending.
But leaders say the lack of local support is putting a burden on the system.
Montgomery has the lowest millage rate in the state compared to other similar school systems.

“What we are wishing for is a gourmet dinner on hot dog prices, you can’t do it. You know we can not continue to function on the same monies that we received back in 1970. We haven’t had an increase in support from the local since 1970, and certainly it’s 2018. So we can not continue to provide for the services on the children for them to be successful,” said Board President Robert Porterfield.

The deadline to submit the budget is Monday.
It’ll now go to the state board for approval.

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