Wilcox Co. Water Infrastructure Project Funded by Grant

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Some Wilcox County residents will soon have access to clean, safe water in their homes — thanks to a grant from Governor Kay Ivey and the Delta Regional Authority.

County leaders say people who live along Willie Powell Road are a step closer to being connected to the county water system.

They say the county has been awarded a $125,000 dollar grant to fund the project.

Some area families have had to get water from a roadside faucet to take and use at home.

It’s a story Alabama News Network has continued to follow and shine a light on over the past few years.

“It feel good to me. Now, I know over the last three and a half years the people finally finna get some water in this area,” said Commissioner Charles Lawson.

“And that’s one of the things, that make me feel proud today, how long they been waiting, and how long I been working on getting the water, since I been in office.”

Water authority officials say their goal is to eventually have everyone in the county on the county water system.

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