Troy Professor Teaching Students About Perspective Using Kavanaugh Senate Hearings

On Thursday, a woman accusing Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh (Cav-uh-nah) of sexual misconduct from years ago is set to go before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify her side of the story. We wanted to know if college professors were using the news as a teachable moment in their classrooms. One Troy University professor says he is.

Michael Guo-Brennan is an associate professor of Political Science. He’s kept up with the hearings, and understands how big the decision is.

“Well, I think that it’s important that we pay attention to this process, it’s a very important position. It’s a life-long appointment.”

Guo-Brennan is using the see-saw battle of the Senate, and allegations of sexual misconduct and rape from women against Kavanaugh, to teach his students about perspectives and thought process.

“Whoever is telling the story and how they’re telling the story can influence how they perceive the issues, and how that ultimately influences how they vote and how they see the world.”

Guo-Brennan says he is showing his classes videos of the Kavanaugh hearings from both Democrat and Republican sides, so they understand the different perspectives. He says one his treating the women accusers as victims, while the other side is viewing the situation as a blow to Kavanaugh’s family and personal life.

Other factors are playing a part in the students’ perspectives.

“They had their opinions as well and we talked about how they framed, how they came up with their opinions and how their friends influenced them, how digital media influenced them, you know things like facebook, twitter “

No matter their opinions or perspectives, Guo-Brennan says it’s important for his students to understand to how their thought processes work.

“We certainly want people to have due-process, and for everyone’s rights to be treated fairly, and everyone to be treated fairly.”

So far, at least three women have come forward accusing Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct or rape. One of his accusers, Christine Blasey Ford, is expected to go before the Senate committee on Thursday. The Senate could vote as early this weekend on the decision to make Kavanaugh a Supreme Court Justice. It takes 51% of the overall vote.

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