Tickled Pink Expo 2018

Many of the people at Tickled Pink Saturday say they wanted to show support for their loved ones like Angela Minenfield who attended with her mother Nannie Wilson.

“She’s a survivor and she went through a whole lot and I’m glad that she’s with me today,” says Angela Minenfield.

Some breast cancer survivors attended as well, saying they have an important message to share.

“Don’t just pick up the brochures and all. Read them because that’s important. Even though it’s been 4 years I still read my brochures and I still tell my friends and my daughter please get your mammogram,” says Nannie Wilson.

The expo included entertainment and pampering too. Some visitors said they enjoy attending each year to share hope with people who are battling breast cancer.

“It’s not so devastating to think that because you have breast cancer you know that’s the end. I know so many positive people and this whole event is really positive event,” says Katrina Faison.

The Joy to Life Foundation’s Joy Blondheim says this year had about the biggest crowds she’s ever seen.

“What we enjoy most is the survivors that come to our tent that tell us their stories. We hear that they’re in good health or whatever it is, they’re able to share with us,” says Blondheim.

Blondheim says it’s all about fighting together.

“Everybody’s so happy and they want to be here and I just think this is a very good wonderful spirit about this event. It’s wonderful,” says Blondheim.

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