Annual Central Alabama Fair Set to Start in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The 62nd Annual Central Alabama Fair is set to get underway in Selma — and organizers say there have been a few changes this year.

The fair will be opening on Tuesday instead of Monday — from now on.

Organizers say electronic logging devices on trucks — have caused Missouri-based Archway Amusements — to change how it does business.

The small family owned-company has been putting on the fair in Selma for than 50 years.

“We are condensing down a lot of our fairs, making them a little more adaptable. Mondays are out and Tuesdays are opening at most,” said Theresa Noerper.

“It helps on the volunteer hours with everyone and also getting your, enough qualified help in, to help with everything.

The fair is sponsored by the Selma Lion’s Club.


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