Feral Cats becoming more of a Problem in Local Neighborhoods


It’s a problem a lot of communities across the country are facing. The over breeding of feral cats.
Steven Tears is executive director of the Montgomery Humane Society. He says they are trying to find a way to trap the cats and eventually return them.

“You trap the cat, they fix the cat, give them a rabies shot, and return it to the colony. The idea is to bring stability to the colony to stop the over breeding and stop the unwanted litters that are at our facility every year,” said Tears.

Tears says if you want to take a feral cat to the vet or drop off a litter of kittens to the humane society, it is okay.
But, overall, he doesn’t advise you to take matters into your own hands.
You could make the problem worse.

“If you trap the wrong cat and you remove him, for example– the alpha male, then you are going to have a considerable amount of problems because there’s gonna be a fight for the alpha and a lot more breeding than there was. So your ten cat colony that you have in your neighborhood can become 30 or 40 in a very short period of time.”

Tears says the humane society is looking at ways to combat the problem.
And they may focus on a specific neighborhood or zip code at one time.
For right now, he says be patient.

“If you are having a feral cat problem, try to hang tough. And sometimes they can be a handful. But I am hoping we can have a solution soon,” said Tears.

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