Dream Field Farms Pumpkin Patch in Full Swing

The beginning of October usually brings fall time, family-fun activities.
One is the seasonal opening of Dream Field Farm’s Pumpkin Patch in Bullock County.

People from all around come to the Farm each year, which brings the question “what do people look for when searching for the perfect pumpkin?”

Whether its orange, white, big or small, Dream Field Farms manager Cathy Ellis says this year’s pumpkin crop season has been a difficult one.

“It’s been a difficult year. We had a lot of rain early so we were late getting our crop in. And the heat has really played a number on the number of pumpkins that we have,” Ellis said.

But the ever-changing Alabama weather straightened up just in time for the Farm’s opening week. The Farm has a corn maze, pig races, and a lot of other activities. It has recently added cabins that guests can rent out. But the pumpkin patch remains a hot spot for visitors to enjoy.

“Most people are looking for a nice size jack-o-lantern. They like em to be big enough to carve a a face and then they want them to have a great big nice stem,” Ellis said.

“I love a nice round pumpkin; one that has like a nice face on it so you can carve,” Brianna Turner said. “I kind a look for the ones that aren’t really laying on their sides. They’re kind of standing up straight so they don’t have that little wonky side.”

Some look for the typical pumpkin.

“It will be orange. I’m gonna cut it and carve it, and I will put a candle in it and light it up,” Countess Williams said.

While others have a little trouble picking out just one pumpkin to take home.
“I got two, and big and small,” Josie Claxton said. “I’m gonna paint it and then I’m going to paint on my dress,.”

No matter what size, shape, or color you look for in your perfect pumpkin, there’s something out there for everyone. Dream Field Farms is opening its gates for the tenth year. For more information about Dream Field Farms, you can visit their website here. 

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