ALDOT Working to Keep Traffic Moving on Hurricane Evacuation Routes

Hurricane evacuation routes are expected to continue experiencing heavy traffic volumes and congestion as motorists flee the approach of Hurricane Michael.

Alabama evacuation routes are carrying heavy northbound and westbound traffic from the Florida Panhandle.  All evacuation routes are expected to remain congested until after landfall. Even then, these same routes will see heavy volumes of relief convoys and residents returning through Alabama.

Officials urge the public to monitor local news media outlets and social media for breaking traffic developments.

Across southeast Alabama, major routes such as U.S. Highways 231, 331 and 431 and Alabama Highway 167 are already seeing high traffic volumes. Along U.S. Highway 231 from Dothan to Troy, traffic signals have been adjusted to give as much priority time as possible to northbound evacuation traffic.

Due to congestion at the Wallace Tunnel, evacuees traveling westbound on Interstate 10 are encouraged to use Alabama Highway 59 at exit 44 in Loxley to reach Interstate 65 as an alternate route.  Locals are encouraged to utilize local roads instead of National and State routes to ease in the evacuation congestion.

Construction and maintenance activities and scheduled lane closures have been suspended to give priority to evacuation traffic.

“We expect to see traffic volumes and increase in parts of Alabama as people seek safety from the approaching hurricane,” said ALDOT spokesman Tony Harris. “We’re working closely with state and local law enforcement to keep traffic moving as efficiently as possible. We encourage everyone to be patient, drive attentively and safely, and buckle up during their travels. Safety should be the top priority for everyone.”

ALDOT is prepared with personnel and resources mobilized to address damage and monitor conditions that develop in parts of Alabama that may be affected as Hurricane Michael makes landfall.

Motorists can find Alabama traffic and road condition information at or by downloading the ALGO Traffic app.

ALDOT’s mission is to provide a safe, efficient, environmentally sound transportation network across Alabama.

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