Red Cross Shelter at Aldersgate Church Keep Storm Evacuees Safe as Hurricane Michael Makes Landfall

Since Tuesday afternoon, storm evacuees have made their way to Aldersgate Church in Montgomery where the Red Cross has set up a room for shelter.

There is already damage in Florida, as Hurricane Michael came ashore Wednesday. Jala Lee says she is happy her mother Alicia Lee evacuated from Niceville, Florida. She found shelter at the church after spending the night in her car because all hotels were booked.

“It’s really comforting because my sister and all of my family never evacuated. So they’re still there – so it’s just us two. I only have her,” says Jala Lee.

The shelter has nurses and mental health counselors if needed. Red Cross staff only ask that people bring their own personal items and sleeping bags while they stay safe from the storm.

“We’ve had to the need for red cross volunteers to come to Montgomery for incidents that we have and now we are able to help people from Florida and southern Alabama and Georgia,” says Dick Amberg, Red Cross volunteer.

“A lot of people said they wouldn’t leave because they were saying that well we’ve been through a two before so we can just stay here but since it switched so fast now it’s too late. They can’t go no where,” says Alicia Lee.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the shelter had nearly 20 evacuees checked in.

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