Florida Evacuees Still Not able to Go Home

A lot of families are stranded in the Capital City even though Hurricane Michael is gone. In many places, authorities are not opening up the roads to get back into the towns.

The Echols family evacuated Panama City Beach with their one-year-old daughter and dog and enough clothes for a few days.

Now the storm has passed. While they think their home may be okay, they aren’t sure about anything else.

“My school is okay from the pictures I have seen. We have not heard anything about his work, my daughter’s daycare. There’s all these places that you think about. ‘Is that ok? Is that ok?’ And it sounds kind of silly to think of that. But I think after the initial shock of it all, it’s just an automatic response is, ‘what is still there?'” said Amanda Echols.

Others from Panama City Beach staying at the Days Inn feel the same way. Christina Harris says she was on the phone with her brother-in-law, who stayed behind, as the storm hit.

“There was like five trees that came down in the course of two seconds talking to him. I could hear the scare in his voice. And it’s heartbreaking to be in a hotel and him being there,” said Harris.

Fortunately, her brother-in-law survived. But the damage is wide spread.

“He said that our fence is down where the dogs can’t be back in the back. Our well’s gone. Our shed’s gone.”

So now they wait with what little they have not knowing what to do.

“We are just stuck with ‘what do we do now? and where do we go from here?’ There is part of you that wants to get back to a normal, but you know that your normal is not going to be the same,” said Echols.


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