Woman Speaks Out After Man Allegedly Exposes Himself Inside Eastern Boulevard Walmart

Christy Jones says she is more alert and aware of her surroundings, after a man allegedly exposed himself to her and her baby inside the Walmart on Eastern Boulevard in Montgomery. She says she never thought her morning Walmart run would end in shock and disbelief Tuesday.

“If it would’ve been anyone I grabbed her up and at about that time I look and he unzipped his pants and exposed himself,” says Jones.

Jones says the man did not touch her or her child. He also never said a word. Instead he casually walked away.

“I took off after him once I got my composure with my daughter and saw him down an aisle which he was still just walking casually so I grabbed the guy on next aisle-a Walmart associate on the next aisle and he took it serious immediately,” says Jones.

The Walmart associate stayed with her helping to track the man down. The man was able to leave the store. However, she says he was captured on Walmart surveillance leaving.

“He’s in his late 20’s, early 30’s. He had thick dark hair. He was a young white male – thick dark hair but he had on a khaki cap, a creamish dirty kind of t-shirt and some thick kind of cargo khaki shorts,” says Jones.

Jones says the incident happened in a matter of seconds. She is hoping that by telling what happened to her, could prevent something more dangerous happening to someone else.

“I just feel if you’re going to do that you’re looking for something-some sort of satisfaction for himself – not necessarily was he try to flash for me but he’s going to take things further and I just do not want there to be someone that has to go through something,” says Jones.

Montgomery Police say they are investigating this case. But no arrest have been made. Jones says a Walmart manager told her husband that this was the third indecent exposure incident that happened this month. However, it is not known whether it was done by the same man.

Thursday morning, Alabama News Network reached out to Walmart Corporation representatives about the incident. However, we have not heard information back about the incident or if surveillance video could be released.

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