Health Fair Provides Troy City Employees Opportunity to Improve Work Environment

From flu and allergies, to the aches and pains of the every day hustle, it’s the time of year where our bodies tend to break down. The city of Troy is helping its employees adopt a better work environment through a free health fair held Thursday.

“It gives the employees opportunities to speak with healthcare providers that they may not otherwise be able to get face-to-face with,” City of Troy’s Health Fair coordinator Jacob Fannin said. “Just making them more aware of their individual health and how it affects them in the work place.”

Around 12 healthcare providers from around the state took part, giving out free flu shots, eye exams, and information. Fannin says employees can find useful to information leading to a healthy work environment.

“The employee can have a whole body once over,” Fannin said. “They’re able to get their eyes checked, their ears checked. We check blood pressures, glucose levels, psa, cholesterol, all the blood work gets done here.”

The event also provided an open door to some, like city worker Catherine Jordan, with an opportunity she says she otherwise wouldn’t have had.

“I was able to get some things taken care of that I hadn’t had an opportunity to do, you know, with my busy schedule,” Jordan said.

And with flu season right around the corner, Jordan says she didnt want to take any chances.

“I came to get my blood pressure checked, and check about the flu. You know, it’s almost flu season,” Jordan said.

Fannin said the fair was an opportunity for employees to improve different parts of their lifestyles.
“Just something that we wanna do to encourage them to be healthier not only at home, but at work as well. ”

The health fair is held annually each fall.

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