Troy Animal Rescue, Volunteers Head to Lynn Haven with Relief Supplies

The Troy Animal Rescue Project and other community volunteers headed to the Gulf Coast Sunday morning to offer assistance to hurricane victims. With a trailer full of food, water, and animal supplies, they decided to go to areas that aren’t receiving much support.

The president of TARP is Tiffany Howington. She says they would travel 2 hours to Lyn Haven, Florida with the supplies. Several Troy businesses, including Three Notch Package Store and Wiley Pecan, Company, donated supplies.

Pet stores along the way to Lynn Haven donated food for shelters and pet owners.
Carmi Lowery is an organizer and Troy business owner. He says it makes him feel good to know all their effort will make a difference.

“They found that a lot of the supplies were going to the bigger places, like Panama City. These people were  looked over when the supplies were given out. So we decided instead of just taking what we gathered this week from donations from multiple people around Troy, we decided to just load it up our self and take it where we know the people need it and take it them ourselves.”

Howington said there were lines of people coming for food and any supplies that could be given.

The death toll from the hurricane is at 30. There are about 100,000 people still without power and damages are totaling in the billions of dollars.

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