Alabama Crops Suffer Damage After Hurricane Michael

It has been almost two weeks since Hurricane Michael hit south Alabama. Farmers in the area say they weren’t hit as hard as they were expecting. Along County Road 4404, on the outskirts of the city of Banks in Pike County, farmer Mike Wilson was busy with the Tuesday’s work. He said he was nervous when he found out Michael was approaching.

“We’ve been through several hurricanes before. It really devastated the crops,” Wilson said.

Wilson said while his peanut crop didn’t suffer much damage at all, it was his cotton fields that took that hardest hit.

“Really the only problem we had was cotton blowing out. We had up to a 45-50% cotton blowed out in places.”

Fortunately, Wilson had insurance. With harvest time in the near future, however, Wilson says there wasn’t much he could do, but to count the loss and move on.

“This is gathering time. This when you’re gathering the crop. It’s already been defoliated, and it leaves off, and it just blowed it on the ground. You lose it.”

William Birdsong is the Alabama Cooperative Extension Office’s regional extension agent. He says the damage to the cotton industry in alabama after Hurricane Michael is expected to cost farmers around 108 million dollars.

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