What Others Are Saying about Campaign 2018 in Alalabama

Alabama News Network Political Analyst Steve Flowers says the races on the November 6th Alabama election ballot haven’t gotten Alabama voters very excited, and he says people in other states are paying even less attention. That’s especially true compared to the attention paid to the U.S. Senate race won by Democrat Doug Jones last year.

But The New York Times magazine published a lengthy article about Democratic Second District Congressional candidate Tabitha Isner’s attempt to defeat Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Martha Roby.  Another example came from the Vice cable TV network’s series of “Get out the vote” announcements. Viewers hear a caller to the network explain why they are voting, including one from Alabama, who said this:

“I’m just a good old boy from rural Alabama. and I vote because I want to protect the 2nd Amendment. It just blows my mind, the people on the left, I mean they want to take our property rights away, they want to take our gun rights away. They want government to control everything. It is just mind boggling to me.”

A Vice TV spokeswoman says the Alabama reference was coincidental. She said the comments in the announcements came from people who called Vice to talk about voting.

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