Voters Gearing up for Election

With new poll pads packed and ready to go, the Montgomery County Election’s Office is making sure voter check-in is as simple as possible.

“I think voters will feel like the process itself and what we are doing here is more informative to them and more helpful to them in this process,” said Probate Judge Steven Reed.

Chris’ Hotdogs in downtown Montgomery is where we found several people who will be volunteering at the polls.

“To set an example of my age group. I am 24, so you don’t see too many youthful people out there working the voting polls. So I am trying to encourage my church members to go out and vote that are in my age group,” said Kaylin Eldridge.

Madelyn Alford is working the polls as well.

“It’s important to me because of my issues that I look for. My moral standards and stuff like that. I try to back the person that fits my agenda on standard-wise,” said Alford.

One group from Oregon says they already cast their ballots by mail back home. They are now on a history tour of the Voting Rights Movement.

“I took my first group of students to Brown Chapel in 2006, and I was teaching them history. And I was just there this last May with another group of students, and I said to them I started by teaching history and today you are learning current events because that’s where we have come to… Voter suppression is back and that’s why I hope everybody is voting,” said Ron Silver.

No matter who they are voting for, everyone we talked to agrees it’s important to let your voice be heard.

“If you don’t vote, then you really can’t complain about anything,” said Joe Palk.

The election is Tuesday, November 6th.

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